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Fujitsu’s offerings

  • PRIMEFLEX vShape

    Virtualization solutions from a single source

    With PRIMEFLEX vShape, you can avoid the pitfalls that come with creating an environment for server virtualization, desktop virtualization or private cloud projects.

    Pre-validated systems combine all the elements of a virtual IT environment. Plus, with a broad choice of configuration sizes and technologies, as well as easy upgrade options, you can scale precisely when you need to.

    Your benefits:

    • Reduced risk
      - Systems are pre-tested and pre-validated
      - No surprises when integrating solution components
    • Reduced time to market
      - Pre-assembled systems allow for different usage scenarios
      - Simple, fast and risk-free implementation
    • Reduced cost
      - Easy administration leading to reduced operational costs
      - Simple to scale when needs change
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    • More Downloads
      • Brochure - vShape gets your data center into shape

        PRIMEFLEX vShape cleverly integrates your storage, server, network and virtualization software - straight out-of-the-box.

      • Case Study - Morphy Richards

        “We cannot afford downtime so when we get hit by the unexpected, we need to be prepared. PRIMEFLEX vShape gives us that high availability. Its scalability is also virtually unlimited with capacity easily added so it can grow and adapt to the business’ demands.”

      • Case Study - Canongate

        “Other vendors were proposing discrete components, which just adds complexity and cost, rather than an all-in-one solution. Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX® vShape is standardized, pre-tested and built on great quality technology. It stood out head and shoulders above.”

  • PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN

    Your fast-track to VMware hyper-converged IT

    PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN lets you create radically simple and high-performance virtual server or virtual desktop infrastructures.

    Deploying a hyper-converged IT infrastructure makes it easier to provision, implement, maintain and scale your virtual environment.

    With a broad range of configuration options, we can tailor your infrastructure to various uses and needs.

    Your benefits:

    • Simple setup of an entire VMware vSAN environment
    • Quick and easy implementation, at minimum risk
    • Built on high-performance and energy-efficient  FUJITSU x86 servers
    • Expansive scaling and sizing
    • Broad range of deployment options
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    • More Downloads
      • Video - Fujitsu Integrated Systems PRIMEFLEX for VMware

        Uwe Neumeier, VP, Global Server Business, Server Platform, Fujitsu, discusses the value Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) systems bring to Fujitsu’s Business Centric Data Center initiative. Video

      • Case Study - Pea Soup

        "The raw performance of PRIMEFLEX for Vmware VSAN is extraordinary…" Martin Bradburn, CEO, Pea Soup

      • Case Study - Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria

        "The platform created as a result of this project puts the Mediterranean University at the cutting edge in terms of facilities and infrastructure for food and agriculture research," says Santo Marcello Zimbone, Director General.

  • PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation

    Your fast track to a VMware-based Software Defined Data Center

    PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation is a ready-to-run factory-integrated system. It includes all the hardware and software required to rapidly deploy a hyper-converged software defined data center infrastructure.

    Your benefits:

    • Fast time to production for your SDDC infrastructure
    • Increased operational efficiency
    • Reduced on-going lifecycle management efforts and OPEX
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    • White Paper
      • Flyer – Fast track to your Software-Defined Data Center

        Learn how PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation simplifies deployment of a VMware-based software-defined data center infrastructure.

      • White Paper - PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation

        Learn how PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation helps IT organizations deliver more responsive IT support while reducing operational costs by introducing a turnkey software-defined data center infrastructure that’s easy to deploy, operate and maintain.

      • User survey report - The Impact of Automation on IT Operations - Are you ready for the software-defined data center?

        Check out what senior IT professionals from medium and large enterprises told us about their challenges in IT operations and the current state of introducing automation or software-defined data center technology to support complex and rapidly changing business requirements.

    • More Downloads
      • Infographic - Gain new powers with a Software-Defined Data Center (Video + PDF Download)

        How to transform with confidence to a VMware Software-Defined Data Center. Video

      • Blog – The Software-Defined Data Center: Make or Buy

        Tired of being daunted and haunted by your business leaders, because they want your IT infrastructure to be a speedy and agile sports car rather than a stately, old-fashioned limousine? If so, then maybe it’s time to think about introducing a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) that provides the agility and operational efficiency to better serve your business.

      • White Paper - Software-Defined Data Center – infrastructure for enterprise digital transformation

        Over the years the trend toward virtualization revolutionized data centers, but it did not change the hardware-centric architecture that still serves as the basis for most data centers today. This could radically change in light of the latest software-defined approaches. Strategy, organization, technology: This white paper serves as a source of orientation for IT managers confronted with software-defined data center concepts.

  • PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box

    Your fast-track to hyper-converged business continuity

    The name says it all.

    PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box serves your availability improvement, virtualization or Microsoft application project straight out of the box.

    Ready to run in less than 45 minutes after powering on, it’s for small and medium installations, giving you the flexibility to adapt to specific business needs.

    Your benefits:

    • Business continuity
    • Easy procurement
    • Ready to work a few minutes after receipt
    • No implementation risk
    • Optional adaptation to virtualization
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    • White Paper
      • Flyer PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box

        Your fast track to continous operation.

      • White paper: IDC Paper on high availability

        IDC White Paper on the importance of high availability including Cluster-in-a-box.

    • More Downloads
      • Case Study - Barrie Knitwear

        "PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box is a cost-effective, simple solution that meets our needs exactly."

      • Culloden Primary Academy

        "Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box is a simple, low-cost and reliable solution that works off the shelf, which makes it the ideal solution for educational establishments."

  • PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct

    Your fast track to a Microsoft-based hyper-converged IT infrastructure

    PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct is an integrated system that includes all the hardware and software to simplify deployment of a Microsoft-based hyper-converged IT infrastructure

    With  PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct you can transform your infrastructure with confidence, gaining excellent virtualization performance as well as far greater storage efficiency with faster time to production, reduced storage cost, less floor space, and lower power and cooling expenses.

    In order to meet specific customer requirements, Fujitsu offers a range of validated server configurations including single point of contact for support.

    Your benefits:

    • Faster time to production for your virtual infrastructure
    • Easy to order, deploy, operate and scale
    • High performance, availability and efficiency
    • Grow as you go with no large upfront investments
    • Reduce storage costs, save floor space, power and cooling expenses
    • Solution-level support with single point of contact for the complete hardware and software stack
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    • White Paper
      • Brochure - Fast track to your Microsoft hyper-converged IT

        Learn how PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct simplifies deployment of a Microsoft-based hyper converged IT infrastructure.

      • User Survey - Application Platforms Matter

        “Despite developments in public cloud and other hosting options, your on-premise systems are likely to remain the pivot point for IT service delivery into the future. This notion is reinforced by the fact that high performers are even more likely than their counterparts to be prioritizing data center modernization.”

    • More Downloads
      • Case Study - Make IT

        “The solution gives us excellent performance, reduces cost for storage, floor space, power and cooling. The flexible platform design allows us to serve both our SMB and enterprise customers and provides us with the investment protection for future growth.”

      • Infographic - Video + Download

        Learn how to transform with confidence to Microsoft hyper-converged IT. Video

      • Blog - Microsoft makes hyper-convergence happen. Fujitsu makes it easy.

        “As data volumes increase and business demands are steadily changing, data center infrastructures need to be dynamic and flexible to quickly meet these new demands. Hyper-converged infrastructures represent one attractive solution to these challenges.”

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