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The Fujitsu Business-Centric Data Center

The Fujitsu Business-Centric Data Center

The way ICT creates value is fundamentally changing.

First came the world of the mainframe computer, which simply affected our levels of productivity. That gave way to the world of the client-server Internet and business process transformation. But these approaches no longer meet requirements.

In a new human centric world that is characterized by cloud, mobile, Big Data and social media, we need ICT that will deliver innovation and real business results.

This is the aim of the Fujitsu Business-Centric Data Center.

A Human Centric Intelligent Society

A Human Centric Intelligent Society

ICT at our fingertips has the power to create knowledge and proactively help us make the best decisions.

Think about driving. It is now possible to combine various sources of information - from a car’s GPS location data to roadside sensors, public data feeds and even social networks. All this information has the potential to provide you with a much richer driving experience. One that is based on your individual needs and preferences as well as real-time data, such as traffic hot spots, the best parking spaces or where and when to refuel. In other words, this information has the power to support you in your journey, almost without you having to think.

This era of human centric ICT, together with our company values and the wider social challenges we all face, has led us to the Fujitsu vision: a Human Centric Intelligent Society.

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The Business-Centric Data Center:  Backbone of the Human Centric Intelligent Society

The Business-Centric Data Center: Backbone of the Human Centric Intelligent Society

The backbone of the Human Centric Intelligent Society is the Business-Centric Data Center – offering a way to link up sources of information, analyze data and provide results in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

But with competing pressures to move to the cloud, be more mobile, go social and do more with Big Data, there is never going to be a “one-size-fits-all” approach that works.

This is the true value of the Business-Centric Data Center: a way to align your business requirements with the latest trends and suitable technologies to create a solution that is tailor-made to meet your organization’s requirements.

The Development of the Business-Centric Data Center


Why do we need a new approach?

The old IT centric approach to the data center meant focusing solely on technology by answering four simple questions:

  • Which server class? 
  • What kind of storage?
  • Which OS/hypervisor? 
  • Which brand? 

But in a more demanding world, we should now be asking business centric questions instead:

  • What is the business challenge?
  • What application do we need to address such challenges?
  • What is our deployment scenario? 
  • How can ICT be optimized?

Business requirements should determine the technologies you use, not the other way around. Fujitsu understands the power of a tailored, business centric approach to ICT – one that will stimulate growth, deliver operational results, optimize costs and reduce risk throughout your enterprise. 

At a time when organizations face many challenges and opportunities, our Business-Centric Data Center offers a way to deliver innovation as well as efficiency and performance.


What are the benefits?

The Fujitsu Business-Centric Data Center helps us to meet any of your business requirements. We offer you a clear definition of what to expect - from the service levels that meet your requirements to the level of investment needed, the time to operation and the means to achieve compliance.

We ensure you are leveraging the right technology or trend for your organization in order to optimize each business process or service application.




Key components of the Business-Centric Data Center

Even within a single organization there are many different business requirements for applications, service levels and performance. Offering the freedom to choose technologies, integrated solutions and data center services by using the Business-Centric Data Center you can decide to focus on a single or several priorities so that you can quickly achieve the business results you require.

Our Business-centric Storage solutions align your storage resources with business priorities while reducing the cost of storing growing data volumes.

Our Business-Centric Computing gives you reliability and the power to process and analyze data faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Our end-to-end Data Center Solutions strip away the complexity within your data center so that you can focus on the faster delivery of higher-quality services that improve both the flexibility and the efficiency throughout your organization. 

Our Cloud solutions provide you the benefits of agility, control, speed and cost efficiency. Most importantly, you win the potential to transform your organization by innovating the way technology is provisioned and adopted by users.

Delivering a better data center


Getting the right ICT

In the past, application-oriented ICT infrastructures consisted of silos which meant that the accompanying business processes were fragmented and not aligned very efficiently. The situation improved with the advent of virtualization which pooled and automated available resources. The virtualization era culminated in the cloud which gave companies new levels of flexibility and transparency.

But in the new world of human centric ICT, the expectation is that all business processes should run smoothly and offer the platform to innovate. This is the aim of the Business-Centric Data Center, namely to leverage the advantages of the application and virtualization-oriented approaches, while aligning trends and technologies to actual business priorities. 


Aligning trends and technologies

The CIO has a tough job with three different roles to play:

1. Change agent,
2. Efficiency driver and
3. Service creator.

They must also make sure that the data center is agile, efficient, scalable, consolidated, secure and innovative. And they must consider trends, such as cloud, big data, mobile and social media. 

To address each of these trends in turn means selecting from countless technologies - from integrated solutions to automation tools, high-performance computing, in-memory databases and many more. It is quite a challenge. And the difficulty lies is matching the right trend and the right technology to the right business priority.


Meeting business priorities

The key task for a Business-Centric Data Center is to underpin business results, such as enterprise growth, optimized costs or reduced risks. The data center must therefore:

  • Deliver optimized business solutions 
  • Improve IT management, governance and organization 
  • Reduce IT costs 
  • Build a flexible IT infrastructure 
  • Enhance the use of information and analytics

All of which means you need to make the right choices for your ICT infrastructure.


Tailoring the approach

Organizational success improves when your business requirements, trends and technology are all aligned. This alignment is the Business-Centric Data Center.

But what is the best direction for your organization? How can you achieve the ICT environment that the Business-Centric Data Center promises to deliver?

Our data center experts will help you find out.

Rely on Fujitsu’s expertise

The best way of establishing a Business-Centric Data Center is to look for the operational triggers and drivers across your organization. When they have been mapped out, you can then examine the existing infrastructure, activities, software and service agreements which you need to achieve real business results.

Based in strategic locations so that you can benefit from local support, our data center experts will work with you in order to develop a roadmap for building a Business-Centric Data Center. This ensures that you can choose the right direction for your technology, integrated solutions or data center services.

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Fujitsu - Your Ideal Business-Centric Data Center Partner

Fujitsu - Your Ideal Business-Centric Data Center Partner

When it comes to building your Business-Centric Data Center, Fujitsu has set itself the following goals:

  • To deliver a Business-Centric Data Center that has the flexibility and agility to reach your business goals while reducing your ICT costs.
  • To achieve an optimal and sustainable data center environment for your business while minimizing risks. 
  • To provide an open approach to meeting your business priorities so that you are not tied to any particular offering. 

To do this, we draw on our industry-leading portfolio of storage and server technologies, a complete suite of integrated solutions and a full range of data center services.

All of this is backed by our global footprint, localized approach and strategic technology partnerships that mean we can balance all the possible solutions and prove which is best for your organization.

Safeguard assets and business operations

In order to concentrate on your business and not on your IT, Fujitsu offers comprehensive maintenance services, starting with installation services, up to 24x7 support services for hardware and software products of Fujitsu and other vendors.

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Finance solutions from Fujitsu Financial Services

Fujitsu Financial Services combines financial and commercial expertise to ensure that your IT environment financing strategy – including hardware, software and services - is underpinned by flexible payment terms that align to your business and financial objectives. With this approach Fujitsu Financial Services helps large and midsize companies, Government and Public Sector organisations to optimize financial and lifecycle aspects of their IT environment.

Our financial services reach beyond simply funding the acquisition of the latest technology, together we will work closely with you to align the costs associated to your IT investment. We engineer bespoke payment solutions based on our flexible and modular portfolio of financing solutions which include pay-as-you-use and pay-as-you-grow. We provide consultation so that you can align your IT spending to your revenue flow or budgets, thus enabling forecasting and budgeting for longer periods. Our services cover the complete lifecycle starting with financial planning, technology replacement, acquisition, financial management and retiring of assets of your IT environment - allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

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